15 years in the making

15 years in the (re)making: T-Minus 2 days till the official relaunch of #SayWordEntertainment. On Monday 11/27/17 we will be: 1) dropping Say Word “Flight.” A 9-track project of all new music from @rabbidarkside @thegrandaffair@freeblackfin

 @mrsimmonds, plus the only unreleased 3rd Party song (recorded in 2010 prod. by @zajazza). Special guests include @raistlin___@dominicmissana

 @benseacrist. 2)Unveiling the all-new www.saywordent.com3) Launching our store with fresh merch ready to rockThis sticker right here is the last of it’s kind: original run of Say Word stickers from ‘04/‘05. Mementos keeping me in touch with the past while moving into the present future. Once we hit “go” on this there’s nothing but movement and elevation ahead. It’s almost time to take FLIGHT and we can’t wait to invite you all on board. #sayword